HWS Moulding Line

The production of automotive parts will be done in state of the art casting lines. Molding will be performed in Green sand casting method. So EIRICH and DISA sand mixers will be used for green sand making, this molding line will also be well-equipped with automation and Poke-yoke systems.

The melting process is performed by fully automatic pouring machine with automatic inoculation systems.

Continuous Casting Machine (CCM)

Alloy Steel CCM Line with total capacity of 100,000 Ton/Year equipped with fixed ladle turret, AMLC and Mold Electro Magnetic Stirring systems to produce high quality Alloy Steels billets:

Rolling Mill

The designed annual capacity of the bar production line is 200,000 T. the Rolling mill line will be equipped with Testing Station for Alloy Steel:

Dimension Measurement (Diameter & Length), Surface defect NDT Tests (Eddy Current or Circo Flax), Internal defect NDT Tests (Ultrasonic), Surface defect NDT Tests (Magnetic Particle), Peeling &Polishing line and Straitening Line