Research and Development (R&D)

In Research and Development Unit of F.Z.A Company, We are committed to working with different industries to accelerate the advancement. We are committed to ensuring that we deliver to all our stakeholders the best possible return and maximize the impact and benefit of F.Z.A supported research and development (R&D).

The R&D unit's vision in this program is to define research activities (both scientific and technological) that lead to the company's leading among other casting industries in terms of production, process and quality of products. In this way, we will try to be a preferred manufacturer in comparison with other competitors and will provide a solid position for the company in terms of profitability.

The mission of this unit is implementation of a sustainable and long-term program that is consistent with the unit's vision. Long-term goals of R&D unit include:

- Studying and recognizing customer needs market and researching the market for new products in accordance with customer's desires and entering to new markets

- Studying and developing new products in accordance with the production facilities at the F.Z.A foundry and offering them to customers, or studying and developing new products required and requested by the customer, and creating the technology and technical knowledge of these products in order to generate new revenues

- The study of technology and modern processes in the field of iron casting and the development of these technologies based on the above study